Partner Bio

Bob White, Darl Chapman, and Monty Johnson are the face of Regent Construction Group. All of the partners bring together a unique mix of talents and skill sets to the company. Bob and Darl have over thirty years’ experience in the construction industry along with Monty bringing over thirty five years of financial expertise. Both Bob and Darl started off their careers building single family homes and moving up through the ranks of commercial, light industrial and mid-rise office buildings. Bob launched into the Senior Market in 1987 building Independent Livings Facilities over many states and shortly after spread out to Assisted Living followed by Skilled Nursing. In 2005, Darl teamed up with Bob with the common goal of improving the way senior facilities have been built. Many GC’s in the commercial market are excellent contractors with a wide verity of project experience, but lack the knowledge needed in this specialty market which leads to problems, cost overruns, missed schedules, and buildings not being code compliant. With the experienced gained in the senior market, Bob and Darl are not only able to bring in a beautiful project on time, they have the ability to start from the ground up with the design team to insure quality, control cost, and deliver a project that meets the strenuous code requirements. To date, between the two of them they have built almost 300 million dollars in senior projects. In the last four years, 21 of the projects have been licensed Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing facilities totaling 152 million. This approach has gained them the respect of many State and local authorities and their success rate has been second to none, leading to many satisfied customers.